Identifying trends

Creative thinkers from five countries, brought together with designer Stefan Diez at a workshop in his Munich studio, make up a dream team destined to pioneer the latest trends. The group of experimental designers was invited by organizers Deutsche Messe and Stefan Diez to attend the workshop in Munich on 6 July to help realize the new DOMOTEX venture "Young Designer Trendtable". A multinational lineup comprising Turkish-born Bilge Nur Saltik (now based in England), Jane Briggs and Christy Cole (Scotland), Klaas Kuiken (Netherlands), Hanne Willmann (Germany) and Victoria Wilmotte (France) now face the challenge of brewing up with something special for DOMOTEX, the world‘s leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings. In the coming months these young designers are tasked with developing some trendsetting flooring concepts and designs which will take the trade by storm when they are showcased at DOMOTEX 2017.

Innovative materials, surprisingly novel techniques

The first task of the workshop was to define the issues and keynote themes that the designers should address over the next few weeks. It was agreed that special attention should be paid to innovative materials, design authenticity and the kind of print systems required in the production of flooring materials of different designs and textures. Project mentor Stefan Diez enthused: "I immediately warmed to the participants, who quickly began teaming up to make innovation – which can be an abstract concept – accessible and tangible to all. In my opinion this marks a big step forward for Innovations@DOMOTEX. The workshop is moving in the right direction – it brings designers from different countries and design traditions together within the international trade fair DOMOTEX. It is great and very inspirational to see how this taking shape."

The new concept Young Designer Trendtable is part of Innovations@DOMOTEX, which will be staged for the fourth time in 2017. Exhibitors can submit their product innovations, which will be assessed on the basis of their originality and groundbreaking qualities by a jury chaired by Stefan Diez. The most imaginative and visionary products will then be exhibited at DOMOTEX 2017. The introduction of the Young Designer Trendtable concept will underline the commitment to progress and design for the future.

Designers have time until September 2016 to research and experiment, draw, design and develop trendsetting ideas. In January 2017 trade visitors at DOMOTEX will be able to review the efforts of aspiring international designers in a special exhibition and engage in a roundtable discussion involving the designers. A desire to research, develop and experiment with materials, creative ideas and new design concepts is the common denominator shared by each of the five designers, despite their diverse cultural backgrounds and career paths.