At DOMOTEX 2019, Hall 13 will once again be home to " Treffpunkt Handwerk ", the show's central meeting hub for interior furnishers, parquet installers and floor layers, painters and varnishers. Themed "Moving Ahead", it is a place where flooring practitioners can take time out to compare notes with their peers, try out innovative new products and discover the latest flooring application and installation technologies – including solutions from trusted names, like Küberit, Eugen Lägler, Mapei, Muylle-Facon, Neuhofer, Selit and Wolff. The event also features a forum (stand C59), where they can develop their professional knowledge at specialist lectures and pick up practical tips and tricks that will help them "move ahead" and get the job done.

On all four days of the show, subject specialists will take the stage at the forum to report on current issues and trends in the flooring trades and present new ways of doing things. The forum's lecture program will be moderated by Norbert Strehle, an expert in screed laying, parquet installation and floor laying.

At 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. each day, Thomas Allmendinger will address the topic of "Seams in floor coverings: good enough to meet standards is not always good enough to satisfy the customer."

These will be followed, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily, by a series of talks themed "Horror stories for flooring pros: mold in flooring and heating pipe corrosion."

The program will be rounded out, at 12 noon and 4 p.m. daily, by Richard Kille, Director of IFR Köln ("Institute for Flooring and Interior Furnishing"), who will give a series of presentations themed "Beneath floor coverings is where the money is: profitably upgrading screed with the right technical know-how and professional tools."

For Richard Kille, DOMOTEX is an important source of up-to-date, practical information on current trends. "Yes, it's the digital age, but staying informed is about more than just going online. New colors, materials and practical know-how are the kind of things you have to experience and learn first-hand," he said, pointing to modular floor covering systems as an example of a trend best witnessed in person. "For flooring practitioners, the 'Treffpunkt Handwerk' forum is the platform of choice for sharing practical knowledge with peers," he added. In his view, a visit to DOMOTEX is an absolute must for professionals who want to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

In a new development at DOMOTEX 2019, the "Treffpunkt Handwerk" event will feature a special demonstration area (stand C73), where practitioners can try out new tools and equipment once the forum lectures are over. Several tool and equipment providers – including MKS Funke, Mapei, Janser, Witte Metallwaren and Schwamborn Gerätebau – have already confirmed they will be participating. They and other selected exhibitors will demonstrate products and technologies for a broad range of disciplines, including screed laying, subfloor preparation, flooring repairs and floor covering installation and removal. The new demonstration area will enable DOMOTEX exhibitors to create even stronger ties with visitors/their customers.

To cap everything off, the Treffpunkt Handwerk event has a beer garden (located right at Stand C67), where visiting professionals can relax and discuss work and the innovations on show around them with peers, forum speakers and exhibitors.

With its new hands-on highlights, the "Treffpunk Handwerk" showcase and get-together at DOMOTEX will be true to form as a key attraction for interior furnishers, parquet installers and floor layers, painters and varnishers.

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