As a pioneer of hot air technology, STEINEL has for decades been working on intelligent tool solutions that are used by countless satisfied customers. The new generation of hot air units features enhanced technology and a contemporary design adapted to the relevant application, while the optimum ergonomics, microprocessor-controlled blowers and electronic control system ensure user satisfaction and a longer service life. Yet STEINEL isn't one to rest on its laurels and is adding two innovative hot-melt applicators to its range.

As with hot air units, hot-melt applicators are now essential tools in skilled trades and in industry. But like everywhere else, when it comes to professional use, special standards apply in terms of quality, reliability and ergonomics. The GluPRO 300 from STEINEL sets a new benchmark in this area. Its design and robustness make for light work, while the stroke adjustment function enables users to customize the quantity of glue per stroke. The heating and electronic components can withstand long periods of rugged use, with the nonslip grip handle providing additional safety. Yet STEINEL has gone one better - sometimes unlocking the full potential of heat bonding requires high-quality specialty adhesives with specific melting points. This is where the new GluePRO 400 LCD comes in, with its temperature adjustment accurate down to the exact degree. Whether it’s low-temperature low-melt adhesives, or acrylates that depend on high temperatures, the perfect temperature is set quickly and easily on the tool and can be monitored using the integrated display.

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