Amor's design evokes the rich history of Serbia's capital city and its centuries-long legacy as part of the Ottoman Empire. The hotel's expansive restaurant and lounge area, for instance, features a mix of oriental patterns with a modern twist and creative pop art elements. Brightly colored round stools from Zollanvari's "Mafrash Home Décor Collection" serve both as comfortable seating and stunning eyecatchers. The collection itself is made up of one-of-a-kind mafrash coffers designed to be used as stools, tables and chests. The coverings are made from old fabric carry bags hand-woven by Ghashgha'i and Luri nomads using kilim, soumak and ziggurat techniques.

For its flat-weave fabrics with their elaborate three-dimensional structures, Zollanvari uses the finest high-country wool from Iran's Zagros mountains. The hand-made "carpet stools" make a key contribution to the relaxed, creative atmosphere of the Mama Shelter’s rooms. The exquisite textiles from which the stools are made are thus cleverly repurposed and used sustainably.

The latest developments in outdoor flooring will be on show at DOMOTEX, which runs from 10 to 13 January 2020. Here, innovative manufacturers will showcase a richly diverse range of flooring solutions inspired by the keynote theme ATMYSPHERE .

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