Even the most beautiful and robust elastic floor coverings start to show their age eventually. Unfortunately, until now, there has only been one way to deal with old-fashioned designs and signs of wear and tear - complete replacement. However, replacing all the floor coverings in public buildings such as schools and local authority buildings, offices and medical practices is a very expensive affair - and incredibly disruptive. RZ, a Uzin Utz AG brand, has not only identified this problem, but developed a solution, too. At DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover, the company is unveiling its colored sealing coating RZ Turbo Protect Color.

This brand new product allows users to realize new design ideas and color concepts on existing floors - without any replacement work required. What’s more, cleaning and care specialist RZ also has two more products on show in Hannover that can rejuvenate the surfaces of elastic floor coverings. The two-component sealing coating RZ Turbo Protect Plus ensures effective, durable protection, while UV-curing surface system RZ X-Light can be used to put in place an extremely hard-wearing floor sealing without having to shut down whole buildings.