The cries for sustainability are growing louder, which can be largely explained by the relentless headlines prophesizing an uncertain future for our planet. Cork has already been fulfilling this role for centuries, which explains why it's currently more popular than ever before. Besides the cork trees themselves serving as a symbol for sustainability, the processing of this wood is also extremely kind to the environment. Compared to most alternatives, cork floor coverings offer fundamental advantages, as the material is naturally comfortable, warm to the touch and absorbs noise - to name but a few examples. Anyone keen to discover all there is to know about cork floor coverings is advised to head straight to the WICANDERS stand at DOMOTEX 2019.

WICANDERS is a brand name owned by cork specialist Amorim Revestimentos. The Portuguese company is showcasing a wealth of solutions in Hannover, including its Corkcomfort range, which is set to revolutionize the traditional concept of cork flooring. Creating a form of symbiotic fusion, Corkcomfort breathes new life into the appearance of ceramics, stone, metal and leather and thus gives cork a renewed chance to shine in interior spaces. The wide range of uniquely proportioned and one-of-a-kind surfaces create all kinds of environments, which the cork serves to enhance with its functional properties and natural beauty. Products from the Corkcomfort range get their extra flair from highly sophisticated texturization, painting and faceting processes that lend rooms depth and intensity while opening up further options in terms of design. All this sets out to transform Corkcomfort into an unprecedented approach to esthetics that brings nature into harmony with human perceptions.