It was back in 1966 that Kügele Profile GmbH was established in Vienna, which was recently crowned the world’s best city to live in. Whether the company's products carry a little bit of the capital's feel-good atmosphere with them is not for us to say - but it certainly can't do any harm. Kügele is well known as a leading developer, manufacturer and global supplier of metal profiles for laminate, parquet and solid wood flooring, textile and resilient floor coverings and ceramic tiles. But it isn’t one to rest on its laurels. At DOMOTEX 2018 at the start of this year, the company added another string to its bow. The Austrians used the Hannover trade fair to unveil a brand new collection of baseboards designed to bring a bit of Viennese flair to the world's living rooms under the brand name REGARD.

Unlike the company's metal profiles, REGARD baseboards are made of moisture-repellent MDF. The collection currently consists of six designs, each of which comes in five different heights ranging from 69 to 194 millimeters. Depending on the model in question, the precision-grooved decorative section of the board covers 25 to 50 millimeters. However, if none of the six designs really fits requirements, that doesn’t mean anyone has to go without a REGARD baseboard. Kügele will also try to meet specific preferences and make every effort to produce a custom solution. What’s more, REGARD boards aren't restricted to floors - they can be used as door and window surrounds, accentuate cornices and sections of a wall and cover over drape rails, lighting strips and similar. One thing is certain - wherever they are used, these versatile design elements are sure to help create an inspiring interior.

Kügele Profile GmbH (1100 Vienna, Austria)