As an established specialist in high-quality woven and tufted carpets, GIRLOON first launched its modulART collection of high-end 25 x 100 cm stock textile modules around three years ago. With a huge range of colors, surfaces and finish qualities available, and the option of laying modules in different directions in the same room, the possibilities for creating exciting, unique interiors are virtually unlimited - and the creative process can even be adapted to customer preferences as the modules are being laid.

In the run-up to DOMOTEX 2019, taking place once again in Hannover in January, GIRLOON has introduced Loop Design as a new addition to the successful modulART collection - with two new products in a total of six different designs. The first new member of the family is GIRLOON PURE, a digitally printed loop design, while GIRLOON VARIO is a scroll-produced loop design with an impressive multi-dimensional surface structure. In line with the latest trends, both products can be laid as desired without having to follow any preconceived pattern, and can easily be combined with all other designs in the modulART collection. What's more, the three-dimensional structure of the loop surface makes it possible to create exceptionally sophisticated surface designs with a highly contemporary 3D effect. Along with the six standard designs, GIRLOON also offers options for customized designs for orders starting from 200 square meters, so that planners, architects and property developers can get seriously creative with their own ideas. Just like the existing collection, all GIRLOON modulART LOOP DESIGN products are certified with the "Blue Angel" eco-label and are self-adhesive without any need for additional glues - all thanks to their innovative GIRLOON liftBAC backing.

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