Nothing quite says comfort like a warm, tactile carpet. Whether it’s in your bedroom, hallway or living space, it’s a pleasure to walk on. So why not soften up your home and bid farewell to hard floors by welcoming in some cosy carpet? If you’re not sure, try it in one room at a time and see how you get on. Just kick off your shoes and enjoy.

Opt for the natural look

If you want something that looks good and is also tactile and hard-wearing, opt for a natural carpet such as coir, jute, seagrass or sisal.

Available in feel-good, earthy palettes of taupes, warm golds and greys, natural carpets have a range of colours and weaves to suit every room.

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Add a new twist to a runner

If you’re thinking about having carpet in the hallway and want to add something more than just a runner without covering the whole space, this might be the look for you.

Add carpet to the staircase, along with a thin runner along the length of the hallway for a look that’s different yet effortlessly stylish.

Seek a subtle solution

Sometimes, it’s the little things that speak volumes in our homes, rather than bold statements and loud colours. A dainty houndstooth carpet in a pale shade adds subtle texture and pattern to this room, transforming it into a warm, sophisticated space.

Luxe up your bedroom

A soft layer of plush, velvety carpet covering every inch of floor in your bedroom will create an indulgent, luxurious feel.

This thick, silvery-grey design is perfect for the bedroom’s decadent, boutique-hotel vibe.

Plump for patchwork

Carpet tiles are a hard-wearing and affordable way to introduce carpet into your home, and are perfect for children’s areas.

Their modular nature allows you to create an attractive mix-and-match patchwork look, in a range of colours, textures and patterns.

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Sink into a stripe

Who can resist a stripe? Particularly when it’s a candy-stripe print like this, which is reminiscent of a crisp Paul Smith design.

We’re used to seeing striped rugs and runners, but it’s less common to see it on a carpet. However, this bold look can work wonders in a room, and make the space seem longer, too.

Try out texture

One of the great things about textured carpets is that they hide stains and marks more easily than standard ones. So if there’s a particularly busy area of your home you’d like to carpet, consider going for a style with a little more texture.

This zigzag design in rich purple injects a subtle yet striking geometric pattern into the space.

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Embrace pattern

If you prefer a traditional look, choose carpets patterned with pretty prints, florals, swirls and shell shapes, which can add a whole new dimension to a room.

If your style is more contemporary, go for bold graphic designs, such as spots or stripes.

Work with wool

Wool carpets have many benefits, and an important one is their insulating capacity. They’re great for cutting down on heat loss and noise, making them perfect for a cosy bedroom like this one.

Natural wool fibres are also fairly hard-wearing and respond well to cleaning. Wool carpets can be expensive, however, so if you’re on a tight budget, go for a wool-synthetic blend, but try to get one with at least 50 per cent wool to maintain the look and feel.

Liven up a neutral scheme with stylish shots of colour

Mix up patterns

Personalisation is the name of the game when it comes to creating an authentic home you love. So if you want to go for more than one carpet pattern, go for it! Think polka dots next to a floral print, or stripes rubbing shoulders with spots… whatever takes your fancy.

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