The CLASSEN Group has made a name for itself as a producer, supplier and full range service provider for both natural wood products and products based on wood and natural fibers. The company develops and produces its floor coverings exclusively in Germany, and is as fully committed to quality as it is to sustainability and using resources responsibly. As the holder of numerous patents and utility models, the CLASSEN Group is one of the key innovation leaders in the industry. This year, the CLASSEN Group is at DOMOTEX to showcase CERAMIN Vario - a real alternative to natural stone and tiles.

CERAMIN Vario is designed as a hassle-free, environmentally friendly solution for renovating and modernizing bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. Awarded the Blue Angel environmental label for low emissions, it delivers all the advantages of ceramic tiling - and then some. For a start, installation is mess-free and does not require noisy machinery, as a simple cutter or laminate knife is all that is needed. What's more, thanks to their low weight, even large format tiles are easy to lay on virtually all flat floor and wall surfaces. With an elegant micro-joint to cut out any need for joint sealing, CERAMIN Vario is waterproof and easy to maintain, as well as dimensionally stable, robust and durable. Three different formats are available in a wide range of designs, ensuring a perfect solution for any room.