It was all thanks to the carpeting, which featured Freudenberg tuft backings and extremely realistic moss and forest motifs created using high-end digital printing technology. At Freudenberg, sustainability is a core value that finds practical expression in numerous projects aimed at reducing energy, water and raw materials consumption.

"We are constantly improving the environmental sustainability of our tufted carpet backings without compromising on performance," commented Freudenberg Performance Materials Chief Technical Officer John McNabb. The company recycles its waste materials, is steadily increasing the certified-recycled component of its material mix, and avoids the use chemical binding agents. "At the same time, we’re helping to improve our customers’ environmental 'handprint'’ by offering 100%-recyclable single-component tufted backings," McNabb said.

Themed "Sustainable Backings", the stand was thus also used by Freudenberg as an opportunity to engage with customers on the subject of partnership for a sustainable future.

The latest developments in outdoor flooring will be on show at DOMOTEX, which runs from 10 to 13 January 2020. Here, innovative manufacturers will showcase a richly diverse range of flooring solutions inspired by the keynote theme ATMYSPHERE .

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