The keynote theme UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE finds concentrated expression in Hall 9, the new heart of DOMOTEX. Hall 9 houses the special "Framing Trends" display, which comprises 20 display spaces grouped into four zones. These spaces are "frames" in which manufacturers, artists and up-and-coming young designers will stage amazing ideas and designs.

In the "Flooring Spaces" zone, companies from the floor coverings industry will stage extraordinary product showcases that explore and illustrate the individualization trend. Among them will be a futuristic installation created for floor coverings manufacturer Classen by designer Konstantin Landuris. It presents the designer's vision of a living space from the future, complete with sleeping tube, water basin and greenwall. The entire room – including walls – is decked out in marble-look LVT flooring. The flooring was created by Classen using an innovative process in which individualized, customer-designed decorative finishes are digitally printed onto floor coverings.

The highlights also include the "Urban Jungle" installation by Tisca, which uses a range of materials, carpets and outdoor textiles – all interspersed in individualized combinations with earthy and green tones – to transform rooms into natural living spaces. Then there's the exquisitely creative carpetscape by Turkish company Stefany Hali Tekstil, which draws visitors in on a journey of self-discovery. Stefany's installation looks like a catwalk – a sumptuous fusion of interior design and haute couture. Visitors to the installation will experience first-had how great design can make them feel like a star.

Next-door, exhibitors will partner with interior designers to craft inspiring spaces and lifestyle realms in the "Living Spaces" zone. The big visitor magnets there include "Endless Uniqueness" – a walk-through kaleidoscope exhibition involving a multiplicity of mirrors and textile surfaces. As they walk through, visitors can change and rearrange the various materials on display to create their own unique universe. As part of this installation, 50 creatives, including Germany's 10 best interior designers, have each built their own personal interpretation of the UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE keynote theme in the form of their favorite everyday items and flooring staged inside an open mirror box.

The third zone is called "NuThinkers". It is a place of experimental and visionary designs by daring students and budding young designers tasked with reinventing the world of flooring. The exciting new ideas there include a new kind of floor heating system inspired by reptilian thermoregulation, a new type of tactile floor guidance system for the blind and vision-impaired, and a virtual reality software that uses body movement to create individualized spaces in real-time.

And then there's the "Art & Interaction" zone – an immersive, multi-sensory exploration of the keynote theme from an artistic and creative design perspective. The mesmerizing spaces there include "Meanwhile in the Universe" –an installation in which visitors can open a window to catch their own personal glimpse of the infinite in the form of a NASA live feed from space.

There will also be inspiration aplenty at the Art Day-Workshops that Canadian design firm Creative Matters will be running at the "Framing Trends" showcase. Workshop participants will be able to experiment on paper with pastels, charcoal, ink and wax to create their own fresh new designs inspired by the UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE keynote theme. Visitors will likewise have the opportunity to devise future flooring scenarios at the "floorCODES WorkLabs" run by the International Trendscouting Institute (IIT) of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hildesheim.