Fritz Langauer, Proprietor, Oritop GmbH (Brunn am Gebirge, Austria):
"For our company, DOMOTEX has been the most important trade fair for a great many years, and that makes us all the more enthused about the changes that have been made. DOMOTEX 2018 has an even better concept, and we feel very comfortable with our new location in Hall 2 – not least, because everything is now easier to find and navigate. DOMOTEX 2018 was a success for us right from the start: We succeeded in seeing our regular customers, generating promising new leads and doing good business. Since we have customers from places like China and the United States, we are also aided by the highly international character of DOMOTEX, which makes it possible for us to see them here in Hannover."

Maurizio Battilossi, Proprietor, Galleria Battilossi SAS di Battilossi & C. (Turin, Italy):
"We're here at DOMOTEX for the second time. Our decision to return to Hannover had a lot to do with the new DOMOTEX concept, and especially with what's happening here in Hall 9. The new distribution of topics across the grounds makes the show easier to navigate for visitors and better reflects today's market. Given the UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE theme and particularly our location here in Hall 9 as the trend and lifestyle hall, everything is heading in the right direction by enhancing the ways in which exhibitors and visitors interact and network."

Geert Vanden Bossche, Marketing Director, Balta Industries NV (Sint-Baafs-Vijve, Belgium):
"The new, more logical layout of DOMOTEX 2018 makes it easier for visitors to find what they're looking for, with products of particular display categories grouped together in the same hall. For example, we are in Hall 11, and visitors can find all the world's major carpet manufacturers here. To us, DOMOTEX is by far the most important trade fair, and this is underscored by the volume of sales transacted here as well as by the size of the stands, and course also the attendance figures and the large number of journalists covering the event. We've been exhibitors since the very start of DOMOTEX. The event's new concept has reinforced our strong commitment to DOMOTEX and Deutsche Messe, and we exhibit not only here in Hannover, but also at DOMOTEX in Shanghai and other overseas editions of DOMOTEX."

Bernhard ter Hürne, General Manager, ter Hürne GmbH & Co. KG (Südlohn, Germany):
"Our main reason for exhibiting at DOMOTEX 2018 was to give our exports a boost – something we cannot achieve like this at any other event. The first day of DOMOTEX 2018 was already excellent for us. We were delighted at the lively interest shown by visitors in Hall 12, including their openness to new ideas. We were also very happy about our great location in Hall 12 – a hall which impressed us across the board. We also liked the concept of Hall 9, which is definitely every bit on the mark as the numerous social media activities undertaken for DOMOTEX. Overall, we welcome all of the enhancements made for DOMOTEX 2018 – enhancements which have certainly proved beneficial to us, among others."

Stephan Krüger, General Manager, Heinr. Krüger + Sohn GmbH & Co. KG (Münster, Germany):
"We are highly satisfied with DOMOTEX 2018. Right on the first day we noted a greater number of visitors here at our new location in Hall 13. We were able to benefit from the fact that our hall doesn't only feature parquet manufacturers, but also accessory suppliers such as producers of adhesives, moldings or surface treatments. For us, DOMOTEX earns high marks overall because we are strongly export-driven, and DOMOTEX is so highly international. This year our stand once again attracted visitors not just from neighboring countries, but also from overseas."