"We are receiving highly positive feedback about the changes at DOMOTEX. Many exhibitors now see the new site and hall layout – but also the novel, attractive participation formats – as an opportunity to redefine their position at DOMOTEX and profit from this," reports Susanne Klaproth, DOMOTEX Project Manager. She adds: "Even at this early stage, numerous companies have already registered for DOMOTEX 2018, allowing us to consider them in our new hall layouts from the very start. More than two thirds of the available display space has already been claimed. For this reason, we are recommending that companies decide as quickly as possible on their appearance at the upcoming DOMOTEX."

UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE: New lead theme generates new opportunities

New activities at the show, more space for networking and dialogue and a range of new presentation options add up to perfect conditions for buyers and sellers alike. "UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE" creates new opportunities for exhibitors to embed their offerings into the lead theme and, at the same time, benefit from added attention – both in their pre-show promotion and at the event, itself.

"UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE" stands for the strong trend towards individualization, as products and services are being increasingly personalized to meet individual requirements in virtually every area of life. And customers are also increasingly keen on being personally involved in the process of product development. New, innovative technologies make it possible to support the personalized customer experience. "Individuality and quality are in greater demand than ever for home furnishings inside your own four walls," remarks Jürgen Knauth, General Manager of pro office Büro + Wohnkultur in Hannover. He continues: "An ever-growing number of people want to create their own personal living spaces. Consequently, we are working together with our customers to develop holistic interior solutions with a personal touch, since an individualized living experience increases a person's feeling of well-being, promoting contentment and relaxation. This applies equally to office and commercial property settings."

Framing Trends: An immersive experience inspired by the show's lead theme

Visitors will be able to witness the latest trends and creative product presentations inspired by the DOMOTEX 2018 lead theme in Hall 9, where brand and lifestyle-oriented companies are offering a diverse realm of experience – both by means of company exhibits as well as a special "Framing Trends" display that serves as a first port of call and source of inspiration for visitors.

The "Framing Trends" display is divided into four modules, each one staged by providers from different disciplines. The "Flooring Spaces" module will feature creative product presentations by floor covering providers in the context of the "UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE". Meanwhile, the "Living Spaces" module will feature exhibitors and partner enterprises from the interior design sector, with stagings accentuating interiors and lifestyle scenarios. At the "NuThinkers" module, students will team up with young designers and startups to showcase their innovative ideas. And finally, the "Art & Interaction" module will feature presentations from the world of art and design, creatively embracing the lead theme and making it tangible. These offerings will be supplemented by perennial favorites like talks, guided tours and meeting areas.