EOC from Belgium has evolved from a small family business manufacturing foam rubber for the mattress industry into a global supplier of adhesives, special binders, coatings and surfactants for a wide range of applications and sectors. Two of the latest developments, EXOLAST and EXOPUR, which the company is showcasing at DOMOTEX 2019, are surely the perfect proof of its innovative prowess.

The development team at EOC is constantly in search of more sustainable and durable solutions to the questions presented by their customers. That's precisely how EXOLAST came about, a new product line of thermoplastic elastomers based on styrenic copolymers that combine the easy processing of thermoplastics with the elastomeric behavior of rubber. The developers at EOC are hailing EXOLAST as a recyclable, environmentally friendly alternative solution for achieving "major results with just minor investment" in coatings for bath mats, car mats, door mats, rugs and carpet tiles, to name just the most obvious examples.

The team is forging ahead with identifying further potential applications for its sustainable thermoplastic elastomers at the EOC Group's own R&D center. The company is keen to plow its in-house expertise and experience into developing even more sustainable alternatives to conventional processes. Another recent result of this effort is EXOPUR - the new precoat system for artificial turf that EOC is also exhibiting at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover.