Dustcontrol was founded in 1972 with the aim of developing and manufacturing vacuum systems for capturing dust and other pollutants at source. Over the years, it has evolved into an international industrial company specializing in customized solutions that make and keep production sites clean and healthy. Besides boosting efficiency and safeguarding product quality, a cleaner environment generally improves working conditions significantly. The solutions developed by Dustcontrol can be used in a wide range of sectors - from professional clean room solutions for the pharmaceutical and electronics industries through to various sizes of portable vacuums for the construction industry and complex extraction systems for the printing trade. One of the latest additions to the company's portfolio is the new DC Storm three-phase cyclone vacuum.

This compact and lightweight direct-drive extractor can be transported upright quickly and easily in regular-sized vans and trailers, thus almost entirely avoiding costly delays during transportation and loading. The new DC Storm is being launched in a range of versions. They all sport direct-driven, three-phase side channel turbines, which are ideal for continuous operation, transporting heavy materials, localized extraction and cleaning. The vacuums generate sufficient airflow for multiple simultaneous uses, making them suitable for use as central units in semi-portable systems. The added improvements include a new efficient, semi-automatic filter cleaning system, adjustable handles both front and rear for easier transportation, the new ‘intellibag’ system to ensure dust-free bag changes, and a new, more efficient HEPA filter with a larger filter area. Last but not least, a more stable steel chassis is designed to make all the models more robust and durable.

Dustcontrol GmbH (71126 Gäufelden, Germany)
Website: www.dustcontrol.us