As part of our ongoing commitment to leading the way on innovation, trends and lifestyle in the floor coverings industry, we have made a number of improvements to DOMOTEX that will give you major added value from 2018 on.

First of all, the show now has a new layout that further optimizes and synergizes the physical clustering of related product types. For you, that means a clearer structure that makes it quicker and easier for you to find what you're looking for. NB: Before you head to the show, take a look at the new map of the exhibition grounds and do an exhibitor and product search so you know exactly where your key exhibitors are now located. We have also added a flexible shuttle service to our offering to make it even quicker and easier for you to get to the halls you want to visit. The shuttles can be hailed and stopped anywhere on the exhibition grounds, giving you the ultimate in door-to-door service.

Another important change is that, from 2018 on, DOMOTEX will be staged under an annually changing keynote theme which encapsulates the latest trends and highlights the creative power of the flooring industry.

UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE – the keynote theme for 2018

A megatrend that is sweeping multiple industries at the moment is individualization – the quintessentially human quest for individuality amid an increasingly globalized and standardized world. People want products and services that are tailored to their needs and lifestyles and which reflect their own unique personalities.

UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE captures this trend and further positions DOMOTEX as a diver of innovation.

Focus on Lifestyle

The UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE lead theme is expressed in concentrated form in Hall 9. This is the home of the Framing Trends display area, where top-end providers across all of the show's main product categories will present their innovative products and solutions to heightened effect. Framing Trends explores and interprets the UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE theme from four perspectives, each corresponding to a distinct display zone.

In the Flooring Spaces zone, companies at the cutting edge of the floor coverings industry will stage highly creative product showcases.
The Living Spaces zone is where a range of providers from the interior design scene will cooperate to craft an array of vibrant and inspiring lifestyle spaces.
Then there's the NuThinkers zone, where students and young designers will present their trailblazing perspectives on individualization.
And finally, there's the Art & Interaction zone, where artists will have free rein to stage the UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE theme in a fun and emotionally engaging way.

The Hall 9 lineup also includes a stimulating supporting program of Talks with industry experts and commentators and daily Guided Tours of the show. In the midst of it all you will also find spacious lounge-style meeting areas where you can relax, network and share ideas.

A chance to look ahead and get new ideas for your business

With its extensive program, DOMOTEX 2018 gives you added value: more information and more amazing innovations and inspiring ideas to fuel your imagination. Alongside rock-solid business opportunities, the show has an even stronger focus on new and emerging lifestyle trends in your industry. Note: DOMOTEX now runs from Friday to Monday, from 12 to 15 January 2018: your chance to get your year off to a strong start with a quality, comprehensive overview of the latest issues and key trends in the carpet and floor coverings industry.