Ever since it was launched 30 years ago, Chromatone - from the eponymous supplier based in Leeds, England - has been the leading color reference system in the carpet and rug industry, and continues to be extremely popular to this day. Covering 1,080 colors split into six trays each housing four chromatone triangles of 45 poms, the Chromatone Atlas enables users to admire the entire color spectrum at a glance and pick a shade on the spot. Thanks to the lightweight yet robust case in which the samples are packed, the entire collection can be transported from A to B with ease.

At DOMOTEX 2019, Chromatone is exhibiting its Chromatone Atlas with eight newly added color palettes. By presenting the colors in poms, this unique system continues to enable specialists from the carpet and rug industry to speak the same language of color communication - both among themselves as well as with customers, consumers and suppliers across the globe. Housed in eight separate triangular casings, these striking new colors represent a major addition to the Chromatone Atlas, and are offered as an extra to the traditional atlas or in their own stylish carry case.