"The floor coverings industry offers a wealth of different materials, but none of the manufacturers caters for combinations of materials. Furthermore, nearly all existing flooring solutions are permanent, and involve the use of adhesives of one sort or another. I have looked at this from many different angles, and have combined techniques drawn from all sorts of different areas, in order to create flexible and tactile solutions for the floor.

I am particularly interested in combining hard and soft materials to create surfaces that feel different at different points. I am working on the idea of the unexpected, thinking outside the box, and focusing on unusual combinations of very different materials. My aim is to bring together industrial and artisanal fastening techniques, to create a unique tactile experience based on unusual combinations that do not require the use of permanent adhesives at all. This concept could provide a solution for spaces that are used on a temporary basis, as my designs are intended for easy installation – both indoors and outdoors."