The latest direction in laminate flooring is an increasingly wide variety of decorative effects and textures with a natural feel. Having spent many years working on different trends, implementing the latest technologies and meeting growing demands in the flooring sector, the Berndorf Brand Group from Lower Austria is now showing off its impressive portfolio in its debut at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover. Its forte lies in the manufacture of custom designs on endless steel belts incorporating complex, embossed-in-register surfaces, a specialism that is based on intensive research and development and close collaboration with renowned manufacturers of wooden materials.

Berndorf provides the high-precision raw belts that are used as the basis for embossed-in-register and allover surface textures in continuous manufacturing processes. The downstream texturing process is performed using state-of-the-art digital printing and etching technology to ensure the desired premium quality. The Group's textured stainless steel belts are particularly renowned for their durability. To increase their service life, the Berndorf Band Group has also developed specially engineered machines capable of refurbishing them and restoring the chrome plating. These specialized machines are able to gently reinstate the gloss of the belts so as to restore them to almost as-new condition.