Whether laminate flooring or the new generation of PVC-free floor coverings, the global Classen Group has always endeavored to minimize emissions and apply sustainable production methods to renewable raw materials. The Group formally pledges itself to these values, and the results are confirmed by a series of PEFC and FSC certifications for raw materials from sustainable forestry and Blue Angel and Eco Institute awards for its low-emission and emission-free products. "As an entrepreneur, I consider it my responsibility to use environmentally friendly, sustainable production methods and my duty to supply the market with non-toxic products that don’t harm the environment, even in terms of disposal," says Dr. Hans-Jürgen Hannig, the founder and owner of the Classen Group. He takes an unequivocal stance as a champion of environmentally friendly, low-emission products and production methods.

Intent on upholding these worthy ideals, 2018 has seen the Group launch an exceptionally eco-friendly generation of vinyl floor coverings to challenge conventional PVC floorings. Its name? Classen Greenvinyl. This groundbreaking new product is the culmination of many years of experience and intensive research. Based on a low-emission polymer combination, the high-quality vinyl floor covering boasts all the positive attributes of conventional vinyl flooring with regard to its surface, feel, look and elasticity - but without the well-known negative side effects on the environment. Its EasyLoc system makes Classen Greenvinyl easy to lay, without glue, but the major advance is that leftovers are simply disposed of as regular domestic refuse - in stark contrast to conventional PVC floor coverings, which are classified as hazardous waste.

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