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Time to get tough!

The Chinese company VTC Floors & Walls is showcasing a new take on vinyl floors at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover with its somewhat harder and thinner SP Core flooring.

12 Dec. 2018

Whether designer floors, vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs), manufacturers and marketing experts have recently been going to great lengths to ensure their advanced products stand out from humdrum PVC flooring. In fact, it's true that vinyl flooring these days has very little in common with the old-school PVC products - and the technology just keeps on getting better. Now, VTC Floors & Walls from Wuxi city in China is rolling up to DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover to showcase a whole series of new products based on PVC, including its click-system SP Core flooring.

Distributed in Europe by the Spanish company Euro Trade Flooring, SP Core flooring is a major step up from the first-generation LVTs. The planks' higher filler content and density make SP Core harder and thinner than usual, which offers many advantages. SP Core is extremely dimensionally stable, water resistant and can be installed both in damp environments and over under-floor heating, without any need for acclimatization. Even hard substrates pose no problem, meaning SP Core can be laid straight on top of tiles, screed, parquet or laminate. Despite the flooring’s harder finish, SP Core offers exceptional soundproofing and ensures significantly lower noise levels in everyday use. And there are no shortfalls in aesthetic appeal, either, as the series boasts a range of realistic wooden- and stone-effect designs.

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VTC Floors & Walls at DOMOTEX

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