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Reinkemeier lays masterpieces at children's feet

Reinkemeier - German wholesaler, manufacturer, logistics company and service provider to the interior design sector - is at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to unveil pieces from the "Moré Art for Kids" collection designed by artist Ekaterina Moré.

10 Jan. 2018
Reinekmeier-art for kids

Born in St. Petersburg, Ekaterina Moré comes from a Russian family of artists and has been living in Germany since 1995. She has made a name for herself in the art scene thanks to her paintings, which have already been exhibited in renowned European galleries. It's no wonder, then, that her work graces the glass and ceramic products of big-name manufacturers and she is commissioned to design public spaces in Germany. Franz Reinkemeier GmbH from the town of Rietberg in Germany has chosen DOMOTEX 2018 to celebrate the premiere of the "Moré Art for Kids" collection, which features some of the popular artist’s designs.

A colorful sense of fun and a wholesome harmony come together in the "Moré Art for Kids" collection to make designs with a light-hearted and topsy-turvy positivity. Bold, lively shapes and bright colors develop into enchanting, beautifully balanced pictures whose dynamic composition and charming characters merge together perfectly to create a vibrant end result. Sure enough, the new collection's magical designs will captivate onlookers, both young and old, whilst maintaining a sense of serenity.

Ms. Moré is personally presenting the rugs, made using high-quality polyester chenille and available in sizes 100 x 160 cm and 140 x 90 cm, at DOMOTEX.

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Reinkemeier, Franz at DOMOTEX

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