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Hot off the press!

BINOS GmbH has chosen DOMOTEX 2018 to unveil its "BINOS Ultra Press" for highly efficient production of elastic floor coverings and directly laminating wooden materials.

12 Jan. 2018
BINOS Ultra Press

When Ernst Greten founded BISON Werke shortly after the end of the war, he could surely never have guessed that some 50 years later his son Bernd would get a Scrabble-esque kick out of continuing his father's legacy under a new name - BINOS GmbH, founded in 1999. Taking the mighty bison as its company logo in a nod to its roots, the new company quickly established itself as a technological pioneer in manufacturing mold and press machinery. The company is now unveiling its new BINOS Ultra Press at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover under the banner "Take Flooring to a Higher Level".

Specially designed for manufacturing large volumes of thermoplastic products at high pressures and temperatures, the BINOS Ultra Press achieves optimal heat transfer thanks to its integrated heating and cooling zones and a steel strip flushed with liquid. The press uses isobaric pressure, with certain parts also able to perform isochoric pressing, thus providing the option of combining both pressing methods. Each product can be pressed according to the desired temperature curve and under continuous pressure in the heating zone, after which it is actively cooled. The aim is to produce optimum results by achieving a homogeneous structure and minimal tolerances in the different possible thicknesses. What's more, the modular design of the BINOS Ultra Press offers users utmost flexibility with regard to both products and processes. Visitors can see for themselves how the design and functions of the BINOS Ultra Press measure up by inspecting the exhibition model on show at the BINOS stand at DOMOTEX 2018.

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