DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January

DOMOTEX on Social Media: Join the Community

The opening of DOMOTEX's doors on Saturday will generate a buzz on social media. For some time now, the marketing mecca has been a platform for trends that circulate all year round on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This keeps fans and visitors informed and interested - and gives exhibitors new opportunities to promote their brands and products.

13 Jan. 2017
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  • DOMOTEX establishes itself as a platform for showcasing trends on social media
  • Experiences rapid growth on Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest
  • Outstanding new marketing opportunities for exhibitors
  • Social media team reports live from the 2017 trade fair
  • Visitors and fans are kept up to date with proceedings

Picture Facebook
Colorful and wide-reaching: DOMOTEX on Facebook

Having started out as purely a marketing trade fair for floor coverings, DOMOTEX has since become the world's number one event for trends, innovations, and design. More and more creatives flock to Hanover every January—including designers, interior designers, and architects.

Social media is taking on a key role in shaping DOMOTEX's new identity. It enables the trade fair to share images representing the most exciting design trends with a wide audience.

Three-Figure Growth Rate on Instagram

Picture Instagram
Fans can see the finalists of the DOMOTEX Carpet Design Awards on Instagram

The last few months have seen the rapid rise of a lively and engaged community. A two-figure growth rate on Facebook and a three-figure one on Instagram show just how keen visitors, fans, and exhibitors are to share. The trade fair doesn’t just take place over four days each year; it never stops. Indeed, DOMOTEX is active every day on the likes of Instagram and Facebook.

Exhibitors Catching on to Social Media

Picture Pinterest
Pinterest is an ideal platform for sharing flooring designs

Design companies are increasingly recognizing the benefit of using the trade fair’s social media pages to deliver content to their target audiences. As a result, the event hosts' and their exhibitors’ marketing channels are collaborating in perfect harmony.

The Trade Fair as a Social Event

Social media also plays an integral role in communication during the trade fair. For the first time, a team will be reporting live from the event. They'll be providing followers with round-the-clock updates on the most exciting new trends - in handwoven rugs, textiles, and resilient floor coverings, as well as in parquet, wood, and laminate flooring.

Visitors will receive recommendations on the best things to see. And those who can't be there needn’t miss out on gaining inspiration from all the new designs, patterns, colors, shapes, materials, and techniques. They can tune in via their computers or smartphones.