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Call the doctor!

Specializing in PU sealing products for resilient floor coverings, the Dr. Schutz Group is at DOMOTEX 2018 to present a range of pioneering ecological innovations and user-friendly service tools ideal for both large-scale and workshop use.

15 Jan. 2018
DrSchutz PU-NEO

The booth manned by the Bonn-based Dr. Schutz Group at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover is inspired by the idea of "paying a visit to friends". Armed with a range of culinary delights, the focus for the well-established family-run company this year is on showcasing its creativity with ecological innovations. World premieres set for the markets include newly developed 2K PU sealers that are completely free from solvents and isocyanates. After all, clients and project planners in sensitive healthcare environments are often subject to particularly strict regulations and are increasingly on the lookout for "green" products. The innovative solutions presented by the Dr. Schutz Group are designed to meet the high expectations of this target audience ahead of any statutory requirements.

One prime example is PU NEO, offering natural, durable protection for PVC, rubber and linoleum floor coverings with smooth or slightly structured surfaces as well as epoxy and poured PU floors. PU NEO was developed to maintain all the classic advantages of the leading range of Dr. Schutz PU sealing products - while also being completely free from solvents and isocyanates. Based on a carbodiimide structure, it delivers exceptional durability and adhesive properties, ensuring a hard-wearing seal, excellent elasticity and resistance to colorless chemicals. What’s more, this water-based PU sealer is non-slip, does not require special safety labeling, and can be combined with all Dr. Schutz PU sealer additives.

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Dr. Schutz at DOMOTEX

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