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An innovative spin on great yarns!

Saurer Spinning Solutions has launched a new generation of Impact FX. Its trailblazing, innovative features are designed to cut manufacturing costs, improve process reliability and produce exceptionally high-quality yarns.

05 Dec. 2018
Saurer Impact FX

The Saurer Group is a leading global technological expert in developing the machinery and components required for processing yarns. The Group has two divisions - Saurer Spinning Solutions and Saurer Technologies. Saurer Spinning Solutions focuses on high-quality, technologically advanced, customized automation solutions for processing staple fiber from bale to yarn. In the run-up to DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover, Saurer announced that all Zinser compact spinning machines would be supplied with a new-generation Impact FX from fall 2018.

The new Impact FX boasts a whole series of ground-breaking features. The larger diameter of the enlarged front top rollers and compact front top rollers with new cots ensures, among other things, that the roller can be ground down more frequently, which in turn increases usability. The centerpiece of Impact FX is the re-engineered upgrade of the original Zinser compact apron. This self-cleaning version has an optimized inner layer for improved running qualities and a longer service life. It can even be economically replaced during standard machine maintenance. The third great new feature is the built-in leaf spring. Optimizing this element has enabled secure positioning of the Impact FX unit, which ensures a consistently compact yarn quality across spinning positions. Last but not least, the suction tubes have been redesigned to optimize flow and thus improve suction. Not only do they reliably avoid lapping, but they are easy to clean and replace, as operators no longer have to differentiate between the left and right tube.

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Saurer Technologies at DOMOTEX

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