DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January
Sarah Busching and Sarah Strenge

#7 Blog post by Sarah Busching and Sarah Strenge

Before, during and after DOMOTEX 2019, interior design students Sarah Busching and Sarah Strenge will be searching for the latest and most exciting trends and innovations.

21 Jan. 2019
Photo: © Sarah Busching und Sarah Strenge

Full of interest we attended the Trend Talks session with bloggers and influencers from the interior design sector on Sunday morning. Clearly many other professionals share our interest in minimalism, reduction and disconnection. These topics were eagerly discussed at the Trend Talks. All of us are interested in breaking with convention and finding our own style.

The concept of ritual in interior design is gaining interest as the desire for culture, mindfulness and time for oneself become more evident and tangible. So far we have found it all really inspiring and we were interested to see how the key theme of connectivity was dealt with, as well as how our own views were echoed by so many participants.

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