The tradition-steeped company is building suspense in the run-up to DOMOTEX 2018 and keeping its lips tightly sealed about its three new star products. All the adhesive specialist from western Germany will say is that all will be revealed at the forthcoming world-leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings. Other than that, all we know is that the slogan "Ultimate performance on the ground" will be used to launch the new series of Stauf fillers at the grand unveiling at DOMOTEX 2018.

As ever, Stauf will invite the audience to "Experience adhesive technology" at this special product premiere. There will be plenty of ways to explore the full spectrum of its flooring technology portfolio, including both hands-on and multisensory experiences! The new stand design will show images of construction sites and projects along with videos of the application process to give some idea of the brand’s diversity. Stauf is sure to attract visitors with this chance to hang out and enjoy the show. There will be plenty of examples of applications, sample set-ups and exhibits for visitors to feast their eyes on. On that note, a special catering team will also be offering tempting delicacies at the Stauf stand, not to mention a few sweet surprises. The icing on the cake surely lies in the promise that orders placed during DOMOTEX 2018 will qualify for a special trade-fair reduction. That's certainly one treat not to miss.