BALSAN, based in the small French municipality of Arthon, boasts an end-to-end product range comprising 2,000 top-quality carpets and floor tiles. Serving customers both at home and abroad, this leading manufacturer develops a range of textures for the construction industry, contract sector and private households. BALSAN constantly strives to meet every market demand, creating bespoke solutions that are esthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. In response to the growing interest in innovative solutions that are effective and easy-to-use, BALSAN decided to develop its new DUO concept - which will celebrate its trade fair premiere at DOMOTEX 2019.

Devised as a simple and unique design solution capable of meeting even ambitious demands, the DUO concept always involves combining one pattern with two well-matched colors. With a total of 120 patterns to choose from, designers can explore every style and culture to give interiors their very own identity. This is perfectly complemented by a wide-ranging palette of trendy colors that are always paired to produce an indivisible harmony. In short, the DUO concept promises endless possibilities in terms of contrast, tone-on-tone design and color gradation. As a result, spaces are given an up-to-date look that is one of a kind. What's more, based on a high-quality carrier material, DUO solutions can also cope with harsh environments.