Aquafil is the leading supplier of carpet fibers for manufacturers the world over serving the contract, automobile and home furnishings sectors. Bulked continuous filament currently accounts for 82 percent of the Group's sales. But this figure could increase even further, with creatively designed carpets expected to really take off and evolve into a major trend in the coming years. Innovative patterns and distinctive textures set out to awaken your senses - whether you're walking on them, running your fingers through them or admiring their artistic beauty. Colors have a key role to play in this respect, as they are able to influence our emotions and how we perceive our environment.

To give colors the attention they truly deserve in interior design, Aquafil has expanded its own ECONYL color palette. This tried-and-tested yarn is made entirely from recycled waste materials such as used fishing nets, old carpets and other discarded nylon fabrics from all over the world. Aquafil's ECONYL Global Color Range, on show at DOMOTEX 2019 for the first time, brings together 170 carefully selected color tones - one half in neutral shades, the other more exotic - to give designers virtually limitless scope to unleash their creative talent. And it goes without saying that the dyes adhere to the same stringent environmental standards as the carrier material.