glimtrex GmbH sees its role in the surfaces market as a future-focused, sustainability-driven innovator. It strives to develop optimum products that provide excellent treatments for the full range of solid-wood, parquet, cork and OSB flooring, not to mention kitchen worktops and other such surfaces - all in the name of improving their durability and polished appearance. To achieve this, glimtrex uses a meticulous selection of raw materials to lavishly produce exceptional products that combine effective, simple application techniques with environmental benefits for both people and nature. Among the series of impressive solutions that glimtrex showcased in this vein at DOMOTEX 2019 in January was its new NON-STOP hard wax oil system.

NON-STOP was designed with a dual aim in mind - to both simplify and extremely accelerate the sealing procedure for wood. The clue to succeeding in both respects lies in applying two coatings of the hard wax oil in one go. The first of this procedure’s only three stages is to apply the hard wax oil to the raw surface with a spatula. Next, a polishing machine is used to work in the oil and soak up any excess. After just 15 minutes, the final stage of simply rolling on the top coat of hard wax oil can commence. And that's it! The conventional intermediate stage, which normally has to take place on a different day, isn’t required - thus saving all the outlay involved in that return trip.