We all know someone who swears by wooden floors - for the simple reason that they confidently believe they are investing in timeless, valuable and natural flooring that doesn't impact their health. If you look at the pure raw material, they're undoubtedly right - yet even high-quality wood flooring can pollute indoor environments. Some substructures, in particular, contain chemical substances that have no place in living or working spaces over time. But now there's a healthy alternative, as MAULER - a French specialist committed to creating high-quality products and special paints for designing and maintaining in- and outdoor wooden structures, for approaching a full century - has launched a selection of its innovative solutions in Germany for the first time. This family-run company's products, which are developed and manufactured exclusively in France, include a parquet flooring sealant that contains a revolutionary formaldehyde absorber. Thanks to a cutting-edge formula, it demonstrably improves room air quality by absorbing formaldehyde emissions from the floor and air - and continues to do so throughout its entire 17-year service life.

The water-based sealant protects raw wood parquet flooring, wooden floorboards, cork, staircases, furniture and even children's toys with a durable protective film, absorbing more than 88 percent of formaldehyde emissions from treated surfaces and up to 40 percent from the air in the room. This feature has earned the product multiple awards and certifications - including an A+ rating for interior air quality as per France's mandatory emission classification. It's noteworthy that improving interior air quality is considered a matter of national importance in France, and is enforced as such by the state. Although Germany hasn't quite reached that stage yet, there's no longer anything stopping anyone there from following suit with MAULER's cutting-edge parquet flooring sealant.