What do you think about the international orientation of DOMOTEX 2019? Is there anything about the exhibitors from other countries or about their products that stood out in particular?

From our observations of the entire event we can definitely confirm the claim that considerably more than half of the exhibitors at DOMOTEX come from outside Germany. The World Fair for Floor Coverings encourages an international exchange of ideas and is a real source of inspiration. The place is buzzing with people chatting, laughing and engaging in serious talks. There is a palpable mood of enthusiasm. That's great and really motivating. More than half of the conversations are in English, underling again the trade fair's international character.

We were also made keenly aware of the need to appreciate cultural differences. The exhibitors of Oriental products treated us to a feast of exuberant colours and ornate patterns, whereas by contrast the European displays offered restrained, subtle colours and geometric patterns. It was interesting to see that European exhibitors consciously focused on natural materials, sustainability and recycling. The diverse uses of natural cork for floors in different areas and types of function were presented in an aesthetically appealing way. DOMOTEX 2019 offers some inspiring insights into the use of natural flooring materials.

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