As a design student, what is your reason for attending DOMOTEX? What are the main topics or exhibitors are you interested in, and what are you expecting from the fair?

"The main items relevant to our projects involve the way exhibitors at DOMOTEX are presenting their products, as well as the trends on show and the handling of the connectivity leitmotif at the exhibition. We are especially interested in the treatment of ecological, sustainable products and the integration of new technologies in production and manufacturing processes. We expect to learn more about innovative floor designs and are eager to expand our knowledge of design in general.

Since the beginning of 2018, we have been working on the keynote theme of CREATE'N'CONNECT at DOMOTEX 2019. As so-called "NuThinkers" , we will be showing two installations at the Framing Trends special display in Hall 9. After an intensive examination of the lead theme, we are aware of the complexity of this area and are expecting to encounter further surprising interpretations and approaches. Intensive networking with other universities is sure to guarantee a lively exchange of ideas."

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