The supporting program for DOMOTEX 2019: Framing Trends, Talks, Guided Tours, Meet&Greets, Award Ceremonies

Trade shows like DOMOTEX are a really important part of our personal development as students. Our rule for life is that if you don't ask, you don't learn, so in that sense, DOMOTEX is a great opportunity to talk to manufacturers, developers and designers, to ask questions and swap ideas and views with them. With this in mind, we are very much looking forward to the Guided Tours. To actually be able to meet famous designers and architects in person and have a conversation with them – that’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and will certainly be among the big personal highlights we’ll be taking away from the show.

We're also looking forward to experiencing the "Framing Trends" showcase with its flooring-inspired creative installations, including the "Connectivity Wheel" by Schmidhuber, which promises to be a quirky mix of visual appeal and fun interactivity. The idea of the wheel is to create a connection between light and floor coverings – something that is an important part of our work as interior architecture students.

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