What floor-related associations does the new keynote theme "CREATE'N'CONNECT" have for you?

We are all surfing the connectivity megatrend, some of us for the better, some for the worse. And unplugging from it doesn't seem possible without major effort. We’re in the midst of a Copernican transformation that is digitizing how we live our lives. We’re organizing ourselves into networks and talking about creating and connecting. But what is it that truly connects us? Communication!

And these days, communication seems unbounded, thanks to digital connectivity. But the connectivity of our existence is bringing about a reduction in our mental resources, and that is a scary thought – for us anyhow. We are missing out on real, physical experiences. Most of the time, our work takes place in the digital realm. Even the preparatory work for our own projects often begins with inspiration that we seek and find via the Internet of Things. So, at DOMOTEX, we are hoping that the realization of the keynote theme " CREATE'N'CONNECT " is a powerful and – most importantly – analog – experience that sweeps us off our feet.

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