What floor-related associations does the new keynote theme "CREATE'N'CONNECT" have for you?

For those who create beautiful handmade rugs and carpets, success has always come from the connections forged over time and across place. To have been the first merchants travelling the Silk Road, encountering exotic beauty in the form of carpetry, must have been a magnificent experience without measure. Perhaps in this era the novelty has waned but the joy of seeing something for the first time, meeting and understanding the people who created it, remains as strong as it was for those original itinerate traders.

In much the same way DOMOTEX now affords modern day merchants, and aficionados like myself, the ability to connect with exhibitors - the creators of new carpets and indeed of flooring products broadly. A modern iteration of a centuries old tradition of trade.

Attending DOMOTEX fosters global connections, forging interconnected relationships between passionate colleagues from disparate geographies, which can lead to unforeseen results. This is the nature of CREATE'N'CONNECT .

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