What floor-related associations does the new keynote theme "CREATE'N'CONNECT" have for you?

In my line of work, the floor is fundamental to the entire interior design concept. Floors in shared areas enable direct connections between people and are therefore a vitally important part of any interior design. They also have to look fabulous, be easy-care, non-slip and resistant to dirt and corrosive substances. For my architecture firm and for me as a professional, the floor is always the biggest challenge of every project and hence also one of the most important project milestones.

CREATE'N'CONNECT sums up my feelings about DOMOTEX 2019: I'm really looking forward to connecting with exciting new manufacturers and the creative people behind them and to discovering new products and the possibilities they open up. I can't wait to find out how tomorrow’s floors might function as a connecting element in my work, whether in the form of uniquely innovative and sustainable materials, technical innovations involving light, power and heating, or new kinds of seamless floor coverings.

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The floor is a connecting element of design and social interaction in all spaces. When I remodeled my apartment in Berlin, I used concrete on the floor and ceiling as a connecting element of the overall interior design concept.