The current keynote theme at DOMOTEX is ATMYSPHERE – a term that describes the importance of floors for our overall sense of well-being. Good room acoustics, heat insulation, a pleasant tactile experience, good climatic and health-promoting properties, sustainability as well as natural and aesthetic furnishing details: good floor coverings are characterized by all of those properties. Floor coverings can be used to create enjoyable worlds of experience, providing contract floorers with the opportunity to fashion holistically conceived interiors. After all, floors form the basis of the rooms in which we live and work and create our own personal atmosphere. Keynote Theme ATMYSPHERE The perfect setting for creativity and inspiration. Everything will come together at the Framing Trends display in Hall 8, where the keynote theme ATMYSPHERE is brought to life. In the modules Flooring Spaces, NuThinkers and Art & Interaction , manufacturers, interior designers, students and artists will showcase their spatial interpretation of the megatrend Well-Being. Their ideas know no boundaries.