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Social services

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Affiliated companies can call on our consultants for numerous services at juridical and social level:
Explanation of sectorial collective labour agreements, social bargaining at company level, calculation and working-out of flexible working hours, calculation and working-out of end of career systems, assistance in finding job applicants for vacancies, help with individual and mass redundancy, working of social dialogue (working of company board, delegation, etc.), availability of documentation and standard contracts, e.g. employment contracts, organization of study days and seminars and a number of medical checks in case of incapacity for work of employees are free of charge for the affiliated companies.

What else is at your disposal?
The Social Security Fund for the woodworking and furniture industry is also at the affiliated companies' disposal, and is located at Fedustria's headquarters. This Fund grants thirteen extra social advantages to workers in the sector. The most important advantage is the fidelity allowance, which is yearly paid in December. The Fund also grants advantages in case of incapacity for work (extra allowance in case of long term incapacity for work and to the victims of industrial accident), in case of unemployment (extra unemployment benefit) or end of career (allowance to retired workers, regularization benefit for unemployed people).

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