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Sahil design recycled beach mat in ocean built for adventures Use it to bring the family together at the beach or to gather a crowd for a fireside singalong. Made from recycled plastics its easy to clean and folds up for storage. The playful retro design is a guaranteed conversation starter.

This mat is ideal as a souvenir of your beach travels or for any space where you need a large floor covering such as outdoor sports events or your kindy playground.

Like all the camping mats caravan mats and beach mats available from Recycled Mats Sand and spills simply brush off the recycled plastic materials. What more, our mats are made from re-purposed shopping bags so your doing good for the planet while you appreciate this authentic contemporary Indigenous design.

So next time you pack for a beach holiday or head out fishing with friends be sure to take a comfy cosy easy to maintain mat on your trip.

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