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Antico Asolo Hungarian herringbone


Classical, timeless Hungarian herringbone is the queen of patterned wooden parquet and today it regains its noble status. With its Antico Asolo line CP Parquet proposes a new concept of contemporary elegance with wonderful textures that combine fascinating natural surfaces with practical laying methods and the capacity to preserve beauty intact throughout time.

Floors in Hungarian herringbone pattern are made up of wooden floorboards cut 45 or 30 degrees at the ends in order to create the typical pattern that lends movement and dynamism with a play on reflected light given by the contrasting grain of the elements involved. CP Parquet can supply a top quality prefinished product that is easy to lay due to the tongue and groove finish on all four sides, including the short ends cut to 45 or 30 degrees. The care taken in manufacture guarantees precision to a hundredth of a millimetre and ensures that the elements are completely flat when laid together to make a floor.

The Antico Asolo line is the most authentic expression of CP Parquet prefinished wooden flooring. It is manufactured with valuable species with no added synthetic compounds that could ruin the beauty of the most ecological material in the world. Each stage, from seasoning to drying, from tonguing and grooving on all four sides to finishes, is carried out in the company facilities in Italy and maximum attention is paid to details, hand worked craft finishes and human health. Water-based varnishes and vinyl adhesives with very low formaldehyde emissions guarantee the healthiness of a highly ecological product, 100% Made in Italy.

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