DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January

Playwood S 14

Elastic sporting floor model

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Product description

The existing screed must be full planed with a tolerance of + - mm 2,00 measured at a distance of mm 2000.

(Your own supply) of a water-proof layer created by laying a 0.15 mm thick polyethylene sheet with joints overlapped by 30 cm and turned edges.

SUPPLY of a 15mm thick elastic mat, installed by laying the modules in the direction of the wooden floor. This solution allows clearing air voids under the floor, thus ensuring total thermal and acoustic insulation.

SUPPLY of floor splitter, consisting of 12 mm thick spruce plywood. Panels simply rest on the mat, perpendicular to the floor line, adequately combined and stapled in order to create a monolithic slab that can ensure all performance and protective properties of the floor. Such values must be confirmed by the evaluation certifying that the floor meets the minimum requirements set by all the 7 tests according to EN 14904 of June 2006) standards, and copies of official certificates issued by specific accredited bodies specialized in sports floors testing shall be submitted at the time of supply, including 1st level F.I.B.A. (International Basketball Federation).

SUPPLY of sport flooring made of prefabricated and pre-painted parquet manufactured at our factory, provided with board of no less than 14mm thick, which shall be stapled at right angle to the existing substructure. The boards are made of a three-layer structure with orthogonal joints formed by tongues and grooves in spruce wood on both sides and heads, in order to ensure perfect fitting.

WALKING SURFACE: oak nominal thickness of 4 mm, pre-polished and coated at our factory with 7 layers of formaldehyde-free acrylic paint, according to EN V 13986 standards.
MIDDLE LAYER: no less than 8 mm thick (approximately) in Swedish pine planks, mechanically joined together with the fibers placed perpendicularly to the planks of the walking surface, for a good compensation of dimensional variations on the multilayered heads.

Hall 13, Stand E76

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