DOMOTEX 2019, 11 - 14 January
Press Services

Accreditation of DOMOTEX Bloggers

DOMOTEX offers a unique platform for blog operators, bloggers and company blog managers: every topic from the carpet and floor coverings industry, contact with the market leaders, and extensive networking with colleagues.


Accreditation Regulations


Accreditation is possible under the following conditions:

1. You are a verifiable operator of an independent blog

  • Your blog addresses a core DOMOTEX target group or focus topic.
  • Your blog is established, i.e. it has existed for at least six months (at the time of the start of the trade fair) and receives an appreciable volume of traffic (page impressions).
  • Relevant blog entries are published regularly (at least three entries per week).

2. You are an active blogger

  • You demonstrably and regularly write relevant articles on DOMOTEX core topics which are published in established blogs (see 1).
  • You are extensively networked in the social media with the readers of your blog entries.

3. You have editorial responsibility for a corporate blog

  • You have editorial responsibility for the corporate blog of a company of which you are an employee. The company or the themes of the blog must be relevant to DOMOTEX.

Blogger Lounge premieres in Hall 9

In 2019 DOMOTEX will feature once againg its Blogger Lounge. Located in the " Framing Trends " special display in Hall 9, the lounge will provide a central location where the blogger community can gather, share ideas and reach out to tradeshow visitors. The lounge will be decked out with large-format monitors that will display the participating bloggers' blog and social media posts in real-time. The "Framing Trends" display will also be home to a richly diverse and immersive world of experience that will serve as a central gathering point and source of inspiration for visitors. It will feature studies of current trends plus creative product installations inspired by the show's keynote theme, CREATE'N'CONNECT .

Apply for your Press ID now, online

For DOMOTEX we have an option for advance press ID registration. You may request your press ID online in the form of an eTicket for journalists. We can E-mail you the ticket up to one day before DOMOTEX begins.The eTicket entitles you to one-time admission to the exhibition grounds. You may then exchange your eTicket for a press ID – which is valid for the entire event – at the Press Center . You may also pick up your parking permit and parking exit ticket at this location.

Please note that your press pass/E-Ticket is not also valid for local public transport.

Apply for a Press ID

Alternatively, you may fill out and return the Request for Press Passes by 17 December 2018.

Accommodation on-site
Hannover Marketing & Tourismus offers a broad range of accommodation options – from B&Bs to hotel rooms – that can be booked online at by phone at +49 511 12345-555 or via E-mail at Deutsche Messe does not reimburse travel and accommodation costs.

On-Site Accreditation
Journalists who do not order a press ID in advance may do so on-site at the Press Center mentioned above. However, if you choose this option, you may have to wait in line for a short time.

Please note that press IDs are intended only for journalists and editorial team members and will not be issued to publishing, advertising or PR representatives. There is no automatic right to a press ID. Deutsche Messe reserves the right to decline requests on a case-by-case basis. Our accreditation regulations are available online or, on request, they can be sent by e-mail.


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