DOMOTEX 2019, 11 - 14 January
Advertising on eTickets

Draw more attention to your exhibition

Starting now, eTickets provide space for your ads. It's the perfect place to draw your invited guests' attention to what your exhibition has to offer.

NEW: Use eTickets to spotlight your advertising message!

We provide you with two possibilities:


eTickets with customized or standard company imprint

eTickets have text field where you can print your customized message (4 lines à 25 characters, plus you can print your hall and stand location in the fifth line). This service is included in the marketing fee.

eTickets with imprint AND individualized advertising space

Along with printed text, you can now place individually designed advertising in 2 sizes on your eTickets. The ads will appear on the eTickets as soon as your guests register their tickets. Book your ads simply and easily through the OBS.

  • "eTicket with small ad", 64.5 x 92.5 mm, or 762 x 1.093 pixels
  • "eTicket with large ad", 186 x 126.5 mm, or 2.197 x 1.494 pixels
  • The ads are created by you and can be uploaded on the order form
  • You can use JPG or PNG file formats with a resolution of 300 dpi
  • Prices are determined by the size of the ad, i.e. without regard to the quantity ordered or the number of tickets actually registered and used by your invited guests. You can brand an unlimited number of your eTickets for as little as €265 (plus VAT).

Exhibitors can only label their own eTickets! That means that advertisements from other exhibitors will not appear on your eTicket.

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e-Ticket mit Großer Anzeige_mit Preis

eTicket with large ad

e-Ticket mit Kleiner Anzeige_mit Preis

eTicket with small ad

e-Ticket mit Texteindruck_DE-EN

eTicket with imprint


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