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Young Designer

Young Designer Trendtable at Work

Five international design studios working on the flooring trends of the future for DOMOTEX 2017 give an insight into their "work in progress"

30 Sep. 2016
Young Designer Trendtable

A new DOMOTEX initiative is taking shape, with five young design studios illuminating the future of flooring design. Hanne Willmann from Germany, Bilge Nur Saltik from Turkey/the UK, Klaas Kuiken from the Netherlands, Victoria Wilmotte from France and the duo of Jane Briggs and Christy Cole from Scotland give insight into their work processes and explain what they are trying to achieve.

The kick-off meeting for the "Young Designer Trendtable" took place in July at the studio of mentor and designer Stefan Diez in Munich. Since then, the participants have been busy researching, experimenting and working away to identify emerging trends for the flooring industry, and to lend them fresh impetus. In January 2017, visitors to DOMOTEX will be able to see the exciting results for themselves, and will have a chance to quiz the designers in person in the course of a panel discussion.

The new "Young Designer Trendtable" is part of the popular Innovations@DOMOTEX showcase to be staged for the fourth consecutive season at DOMOTEX 2017. Exhibitors are invited to submit their latest new products beforehand, and those selected by a jury of experts will be featured in a series of special displays. The "Trendtable" adds a new, futuristic dimension to Innovations@DOMOTEX.