DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January
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Say goodbye to that pesky fluff

Xetma Vollenweider is at DOMOTEX 2019 to showcase X-TRACT XCP. This compact carpet pile cleaning machine for woven and tufted carpets efficiently and reliably removes the loose fibers left on the carpet pile after manufacturing.

11 Jan. 2019
Xetma X-tract XCP

For more than 130 years, the Xetma Vollenweider brand has been synonymous with top quality, reliability and durability when it comes to shearing for all kinds of woven and tufted carpets, needle felts and now even artificial turf. While carpets and runners made from synthetic fibers such as viscose or acrylic only really come into their own once they’ve been properly finished, woolen carpets require a particularly intensive pile treatment and deep clean before shearing. It's therefore fair to say the demands placed on manufacturers of finishing technology are as diverse as the floor coverings and materials themselves, which is why Xetma Vollenweider offers bespoke finishing solutions that boast optimum quality and performance.

At DOMOTEX 2019, Xetma Vollenweider is presenting its newly developed X-TRACT XCP - a compact carpet pile cleaning machine for woven and tufted carpets. Designed to efficiently and reliably remove those pesky loose fibers left on the pile after manufacturing acrylic, viscose or woolen carpets, this cutting-edge solution aims to provide manufacturers with immaculate floor coverings that can go straight on sale.

Xetma Vollenweider at DOMOTEX

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