DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January
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Diamonds are a floor installer's best friend!

The powerful new ALPHA 230 diamond grinder from Witte Metallwaren is yet another shining example of the company's outstanding expertise in the floor installation sector.

02 Jan. 2019
WITTE Alpha 230 diamond grinder

Witte Metallwaren has excelled in providing quality and innovation in the floor installation sector for more than 60 years. Its extensive portfolio covers a wide range of top-quality tools and machinery for performing all kinds of floor-laying tasks, not to mention subfloor systems, underlays and profiles. The family business has always striven to strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation by plowing its wealth of expertise and skills into constantly improving tried-and-tested favorites at the same time as developing groundbreaking inventions. The new ALPHA 230 that Witte is proudly unveiling at this year's DOMOTEX in Hannover is yet another shining example of the company's innovative prowess.

Boasting a 230 millimeter grinding width and four disc-mounted abrasive segments that rotate at 1,400 r.p.m., the 230 V AC-powered ALPHA 230 is bound to achieve very impressive results. This easily-to-handle, deceptively compact 42 kilo powerhouse makes light work of removing any covering residue, filler, dispersion adhesive or even elastic parquet adhesive. Witte is keen to add that the ALPHA 230 can also be used to grind screeds and coatings or remove layers of sinter. A practical finishing touch is the new disc mounting system, which greatly simplifies the replacement process by only involving three screws. Last but not least, the foldable handle with integrated carrier makes this compact grinder extremely transportable.

Witte-Metallwaren GmbH & Co. KG at DOMOTEX

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