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KRONO logical!

SWISS KRONO, the world’s largest producer of laminate flooring, is using DOMOTEX 2018 to add even more new products to its already extensive portfolio.

13 Jan. 2018
Swiss Krono Kronoswiss

Anyone seeking a truly unique solution for their home will definitely find what they are looking for at DOMOTEX 2018 thanks to the huge range of options. The portfolio on show in Hannover from Lucerne-based SWISS KRONO Tec AG alone should more than satisfy most requirements. "Our new designs and surfaces turn individual wishes and living environments into reality. Our products perfectly meet the need for uniqueness," says Max von Tippelskirch, the SWISS KRONO GROUP's Chief Strategy and Communications Officer. The multinational group's highlights in Hannover feature KRONOTEX, KRONOSWISS, KRONOPOL and KRONOSTAR - four innovations from four different countries.

KRONOTEX is the German contribution to this quartet. The collection offers an impressive combination of traditional and bold designs, three new synchronous surface finishes and a newly developed universal matt solution. The KRONOSWISS collection is the Swiss contribution. It includes a number of high-contrast options with an ingenious combination of light and dark nuances within the same design. Under the KRONOPOL floors brand, the Polish SWISS KRONO team is showcasing three collections - AURUM, PLATINIUM and FERRUM. KRONOPOL PLATINIUM FLOORING alone offers over 20 design and structural innovations.

Last but not least, the Russian SWISS KRONO site is presenting KRONOSTAR - a product line that has been updated to over 40 items, including 27 new designs in thicknesses ranging from 7 to 12 millimeters.

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